Home Maintenance

 “I couldn’t handle snow removal on my own and the other snow services are very expensive.”

Man Working in GardenThis program provides support for seniors who require assistance around the house. Service include:

  • General maintenance
  • Grass cutting
  • Yard work
  • Snow removal
  • Odd jobs

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Home Maintenance

Stripping/waxing floors; clearing basements, garages and porches; installation of air conditioners; removing storm windows, and washing  windows.

Cost: $25.00/hr. 1 hour minimum. 15 minute increments after first hour.

Grass Cutting

Mowing the lawn, raking and edge trimming.

Cost: $25.00/hr., 1 hour minimum. Client’s or Worker’s equipment.

Yard Work

Spring and Fall raking and clean-up, planting/weeding, hedge or tree trimming that is less than 5 feet (supervised), digging and tilling soil.

Cost: $25.00/hr. 1 hour minimum. 15 minute increments after first hour for all yard work.
Please note: Workers are not permitted to handle chemicals.

Snow Removal

Person Shovelling SnowSnow removal is provided within 24 hours from the time snow has stopped falling. Workers attend for 5 cm accumulations. Workers cannot ensure service by a certain time.

Cost: $25.00/hour 1 hour minimum 15 minute increments after first hour.

Please Note: Additional hourly cost for returning after city plows (one hour). Snow will be cleared within 24 hours from time snow has stopped falling. Workers attend for 5cm accumulation. Workers cannot insure service by a certain time. OWCS does not allow workers to clear snow/ice from your roof or vehicle, or move your vehicle.

Odd Jobs

Carpentry, painting, minor home repairs.

Cost: The cost depends on the nature of the job. If you require assistance with odd jobs, please call the OWCS office and we will refer a worker who will be able to give you an estimate. 613-728-6016