Vision, Mission, Core Values and Strategic Goals

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A recognized leader in providing responsive and caring support services to seniors and disabled adults in the Ottawa community.

To provide practical, compassionate and innovative services that support clients and caregivers in our community in a manner that respects their values, dignity and self-esteem.

Core Values

Dignity: We believe in the inherent dignity and value of each person.

Self-Determination: We believe in the right of each individual to self-determination regarding their care.

Creativity: We believe that the community can be creatively and effectively involved in
assisting those needing long-term care, who wish to remain in their own homes, by providing assurance and support.

Cooperation and Collaboration: We believe that benefits that accrue to our clients, staff, professional partners and communities when we share our resources, expertise, time and energy.

2019-2022 Strategic Goals

  1. Exemplify Organization Excellence: Build a culture of continuous improvement and organizational excellence
  2. Enrich Client Service and decrease senior isolation
  3. Strengthen Partnerships: Create inter-agency cooperation through increased program partnerships, a Community Hub model of service, sub region relationship building and other initiatives
  4. Diversify Funding to better meet the growing needs in our community.