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Volunteer working in flower bed Volunteers on St. Patrick's Day Volunteers Dancing Troy_Brazeau

DSC_0544 Selbie Two men one sitting one standing Jars filled with Pennies Musicians holding guitars Client with Dog Building and sign slide3-bea8f2634e.b49b4d9097 slide3-83c8640f97.7c0198fed0 slide1-ade3e7ffde.a9981f9137 volunteer_driver respite_care_meal_prep personal_shopping grocery_bus two_ladies-in_red dining_together adult_day_program_1 1-_0013_Layer 2 1-_0012_Layer 3 1-_0011_beverly 1 1-_0010_Client and staff 1-_0009_dancing 1-_0001_serving ladies